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Rideshare/Delivery with your Personal Auto?

Rideshare/Delivery with your Personal Auto?

Popular efforts such as Uber, Lyft, and Grubhub have become common and mainstream, especially during and after the pandemic.  Many people are spending their spare time moonlighting as ride share and/or food delivery drivers, using their personal vehicle to earn extra dollars.  It's amazing technology, and offers many conveniences for both employees and customers alike.

If you are driving your personal auto for a ride sharing or food delivery activity, it's vitally important that you check with your Insurer to see if your Personal Auto Policy provides coverage for "Business Pursuits", and "Public Livery".  Most DO NOT.

A Personal Auto Policy is rated for the average car, driving for personal errands, commuting, family activity, and vacations.  Personal Auto Policies do not contemplate the increased exposure of making numerous pickup and delivery stops through city traffic, and providing transportation for the general public.  In essence, ride sharing is comparable to a Taxi.  If an accident occurs, it's likely that the rider will expect compensation, even in cases where their driver was not at fault.  This exposure far exceeds the average use of a Personal Auto, and is charged a higher rate.  

Ridesharing and Delivery Companies do not make it known that your Personal Auto Policy may not respond to losses while engaged in delivery activity.  Many simply request that you provide them with a copy of your Declaration Page to qualify for a position.  They do not warn the driver of possible gaps in Auto Coverage.  The worst time to find out your Policy does not after a loss!

Coverage is available, some companies offer endorsements to the basic Policy, and others provide Coverage if you have a clear record.  However most insurers, after finding out you are using your car for commercial purposes, will Non-Renew you due to the increased exposure.

Be safe, check with your carrier before clocking in to drive.