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Be Thankful, stay Safe

Be Thankful, stay Safe

It is that time to give thanks and to celebrate with family and friends the blessings that we enjoy, and sometimes take for granted.  Be safe and don't end up being the turkey on Thanksgiving Day!

Turkey Fryer Safety Tips:

*Many units tip over easily, be sure you are on a stable and firm area, and don't set your fryer on a wooden deck or combustible surface, in a garage or enclosed area.

*Do not overfill oil, it can overflow when lowering the turkey and can start a fire.

*Never leave fryer unattended and keep pets and children away from the fryer while cooking.

*Use well insulated mitts to avoid burning hands.

*Make sure your turkey is fully thawed, as water and oil do not mix.  Be careful with marinades and turn cooking flame off when lowering the turkey.

*Keep an Oil Approved Fire Extinguisher close by, and never use water on an oil/grease fire.

We wish all of you a Happy,  Healthy, and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!